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For The Love of Wine Country...

Upon celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in Napa Valley, George and Birgit Klause fell in love with the vineyard life, and began their search for a world class vineyard. What they eventually found was a piece of heaven… a beautiful 61 acre property located in one of the top wine AVAs in the world.

Perched above New Melones Reservoir on a sunny hillside, the beautiful vineyards catch the rising sun, making it so picturesque, that the estate is featured on the advertising of the Calaveras County Wine Growers Association. "Our 11 acre award winning vineyard located in the Sierra Foothills was planted in 2001 with a variety of different grapes, such as Barbera, Grenache, Chardonnay, Sagrantino (a very rare Italian grape), Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache. This property is perfect for the growth of grapes because of it's specialized location on top of a hill near a big body of water, with morning fog, summer winds, and mild winters, it's akin to the ideal Mediterranean climate. Our wines have won Double Gold and Best in Class at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine tasting Competition and many other Competitions".

In 2022 the Klause’s grand vision for their beautiful property has come to fruition. They not only are producing award winning grapes, they now proudly offer their wonderful estate as a private retreat and stunning wedding destination.

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