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The Vineyard

"In life nothing is perfect, but for a moment delicious wine makes you feel like it is"!

Planted in 2001 and proudly part of one of the top AVA’s in California, Airola Road Vineyards is located on a hilltop directly above New Melones Reservoir about 9 miles south of Murphys, CA. The vineyard is not only visually stunning, but it’s unique placement on a hilltop overlooking the reservoir with morning fog, summer winds, and mild winters is very similar to the ideal Mediterranean climate in which the vines flourish.

The vision of the vineyard’s original owners was nothing short of excellence. “From the time our vines were planted, we have nurtured each and every varietal to suit its specific needs.  We prune to keep our yield low, at 3 tons per acre, so that every grape can receive the amount of nutrients, water and sunlight it needs to reach its full potential”. Now more than 20 years after its initial planting, our award winning vineyard yields unsurpassed quality with each harvest, exemplifying the terroir of the Sierra Foothills region. 

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